Apply for Cycle 1!

Hello!Here you will apply in a comment!On 20th of July i will select 20 girls for the casting and 15 of them will be on top 15.Then the girls will have some tests and every week one girl will exit of the game!The winner wins:100sd,a work on VIPS magazine and lots of reputation!

So if you want to start give me these answers:

Stardoll name:
Real name:
Other work as a model:
Why do you want to be LNTM?:

Deadline:July  9, 2011 

 Good luck!ladygagahope!

7 σχόλια:

  1. Αυτό το σχόλιο αφαιρέθηκε από τον συντάκτη.

  2. stardoll name:elina-_92
    real name:elina
    i think i was a model in a club contest but i dont exactly remember!
    however i d love to be a model in lntm bcs i think ill gain a lot of nice experiences and ill try different things!!i also love modeling and i think i could support it!:)

  3. Stardoll name:elisavetdella
    Real name:ellie
    Other work as a model:Yes!!!:D On SMA
    Why do you want to be LNTM?:
    Because I love mdeling and fashion!!!:D Also because I have very much style and I want to proof this.

  4. Stardoll name:depiand
    Real name:Despina or Debbie
    Other work as a model:Ναι!Ειχα μια manager η οποια με καθοδηγουσα καθωσ επισησ αρκετεσ νικεσ σε διαγωνισμουσ και συμμετοχη σε αλλα N.T.M.!
    Why do you want to be LNTM?:Επειδη ενδιαφερομαι για το χωρο και θα ηθελα πολυ να συμμετεχω σε ενα τετιου τυπου διαγωνισμο που πιστευω οτι μπορω να ανταπεξελθω στισ απαιτησεις του!

  5. Stardoll name:
    Real name:Anastasia or Sia
    Other work as a model:no;/
    Why do you want to be LNTM?:Beacause I love very much modeling..and in the feature maybe work as a model:)

  6. Stardoll name: .Duffy
    Real name: Duffy
    Age: 19
    Other work as a model: I have won many contests in stardoll and I hope to won also this competition..
    Why do you want to be LNTM?: I have a very good style and I think I have all the needed requirements to be the LNTM... I have made a very good work with my me-doll..

  7. Stardoll name:ntin0ula
    Real name:ntina

    Other work as a model:yes
    Why do you want to be LNTM?:i dont know! but i want xixi !! :)